Vennard Wright

President, Wave Welcome

Spanning more than two decades, Vennard’s award-winning professional experience has included multiple senior leadership roles such as CIO for the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC), CIO for Prince George’s County government in Maryland, and Director of Technology for Hillary Clinton during her successful United States Senate reelection campaign and subsequent 2008 presidential campaign. Mr. Wright is a dedicated volunteer and has participated in numerous philanthropic efforts and boards to widen his perspective and give back to the community.

As President for Wave Welcome, Vennard partners with organizations to provide leadership and strategic direction for key corporate initiatives.

5:00-6:00PM Fireside Chat

Day 1 | Tuesday July 26th

Fireside Chat: From Zero to Hero


In this intimate fireside chat, here the personal stories of successful entrepreneurs who overcame major obstacles to achieve their dreams. Discover actionable advice and strategies that may assist you in your own entrepreneurial journey. Get inspired, challenge your own approach, ask burning questions!