Sharita Humphrey

Finance Expert & Money Mentor

Sharita M. Humphrey is an award-winning finance expert, money mentor and certified financial educator. She is a regular contributor to entrepreneurial publications, and has been featured in top-tier media including CNBC, iHeartMedia, Forbes.

    4:15-5:00PM Talk

    Day 2 | Wednesday July 27<sup>th</sup> 2022

    Understanding Business Credit Reports


    If you've never seen your business's credit report, this session is a must! Credit reports are a reflection of you and your business, and they can either hurt or help in many ways. This session provides an in-depth review of business credit reports, offering attendees with a clear understanding of:

    • The differences between personal and business credit reports;
    • Information included in business credit reports;
    • The bureaus that generate business credit reports; and much more!