Mia Horm

Visionary & Serial Entrepreneur

Mia Horm has been an entrepreneur since the tender age of eight. Mia is the Chief Executive and Founder of Creative Analytics, primarily overseeing the strategy and operations of the company. She works closely with clients to create digital transformation solutions and growth strategies that generate more traffic, leads, brand advocates, and revenue. Since 2005, Creative Analytics has been trusted by more than 13,000 small to medium-sized businesses to help them grow online.  She is a dynamic speaker who loves to create the perfect blend of data and humor into her talks. Mia is a PMI-certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. She also holds a MBA & MS in Information Technology with a concentration in Project Management, and an in-progress certificate in Digital Transformation & AI from Cornell University. Mia is passionate about entrepreneurship and you can find her coming up with her next 7+ figure business idea in her free time.

11:00-11:45AM Talk

Day 2 | Wednesday July 27th

The 7 Success Pillars of 7+ Figures


What does it take to build a 7+ figure business? I'll dive right in to the 7 key pillars of a millionaire entrepreneur mindset and the habits you need to adopt to build a very successful scalable business.

From leadership to networking to growth hacking and more... you don't want to miss this talk and my story of how I built a 7+ figure business empire.

5:00-6:00PM Panel Discussion

Day 2 | Wednesday July 27th

Panel: The Keys to Commercial Real Estate


During this panel discussion, we sit down virtually with real estate experts and titans as they share their personal stories of how they got started in real estate and found success. Hear from several different perspectives of commercial real estate and investing — from wholesaling, buying property in your business name, short-term rentals, and scaling property ownership as these Giants share real estate gems.

5:00-6:00PM Fireside Chat

Day 1 | Tuesday July 26th

Fireside Chat: From Zero to Hero


In this intimate fireside chat, here the personal stories of successful entrepreneurs who overcame major obstacles to achieve their dreams. Discover actionable advice and strategies that may assist you in your own entrepreneurial journey. Get inspired, challenge your own approach, ask burning questions!