Garrett Sutton

Best-selling Author, Attorney & Rich Dad Advisor

Garrett Sutton has been practicing corporate law more than 35 years, assisting entrepreneurs and real estate investors around the world in protecting their assets and maximizing financial goals through his companies Corporate Direct and Sutton Law Center.

Garrett, a highly sought after guest speaker, serves as a member of the elite group of "Rich Dad Advisors" for bestselling author Robert Kiyosaki. Garrett has authored several successful books for business owners, including "Start Your Own Corporation," "Run Your Own Corporation," "Writing Winning Business Plans" and "Loopholes of Real Estate." These books are part of the bestselling Rich Dad, Poor Dad wealth-building book series.

    4:15-5:00PM Talk

    Day 2 | Wednesday July 27<sup>th</sup> 2022

    The 3 Keys of Asset Protection


    We live in a litigious society. People are sued every day. If you haven’t protected yourself the right way from the start you can lose everything you own. There are 3 keys to asset protection that everyone should know, everyone doesn’t, and will be discussed in this informative and very important presentation:

    • The need for protection
    • The proper structure
    • The ongoing requirements