David Holloway

Motivational Speaker & 3rd gen NFL Champion

As one of the most requested speakers, All Star front line competitor David Holloway, and 3rd generation professional athlete , has traveled over half a million
miles, inspiring many of the FORTUNE 500 — with his epic underdog story of overcoming adversity and winning at the highest levels.

Today, he brings insider secrets and peak performance practices to leaders who are committed to an extraordinary future — giving audiences a look into the future of highly successful world-class competitors who will consistently outperform the

David utilizes and shares smart, life lessons from his Walk On & NFL experiences to inspire championship teams, transform thinking within organizations, and maximize potential.

His credibility, and therefore bottom line results, are based on the fact that turning around underperforming teams, overcoming unbelievable obstacles, and building championship teams, is something he’s done first hand... and grown up around.

David has also shared the stage with U.S. Presidents, billionaire business moguls, celebrities, and world thought leaders. And, now he’s here with us…

11:00AM-11:45AM Keynote

Day 1 | Tuesday July 26th

Keynote: The Passion of The Playmaker

The PLAYMAKER changes the game. They shift the odds. When they walk in the room – the room changes! They get more done with fewer resources. They develop & attract talent. They’re able, and expected, to carry the massive weight of the big tasks. When facing adversity PLAYMAKERS get bigger, stronger & better. They are the ultimate competitive advantage.

David’s power-packed keynote will help you:

  • Discover the World Class mindset and strategies that you must have to win at the highest levels
  • Embrace the high speed change & challenging times as a launch to future success
  • Unleash the Passion in your Playmakers to maximize all of their talents
  • Empower peak performance & continuous improvement to elicit change & reinvent the way the game’s played in your business