Chris Hurn

CEO, Fountainhead

Chris Hurn is the founder and CEO of nationwide, SBA-approved nonbank lender Fountainhead, which provides the best financing experience possible for small business owners. Hurn has over 23 years of valuable commercial and SBA lending experience.

11:45AM-12:30PM Talk

Day 2 | Wednesday July 27th

SBA 101


Post-Paycheck Protection Program, the Small Business Administration still has financing options for small-to-midsize businesses. SBA expert Chris Hurn will cover everything a business owner needs to know about the SBA, demystifying a hidden gem in business lending.

Attendees will:
• Gain insight into SBA loan options & how they are often better than other commercial loans
• Achieve understanding of the SBA, its processes & how to qualify
• Grasp uses for SBA funding as it relates to business needs.

5:00-6:00PM Fireside Chat

Day 1 | Tuesday July 26th

Fireside Chat: From Zero to Hero


In this intimate fireside chat, here the personal stories of successful entrepreneurs who overcame major obstacles to achieve their dreams. Discover actionable advice and strategies that may assist you in your own entrepreneurial journey. Get inspired, challenge your own approach, ask burning questions!