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The presenters at this event are heavily vetted — for the purpose of ensuring that the information presented will be accurate in industries where misinformation is prevalent.

11:00AM-11:45AM Keynote

David Holloway

Keynote: The Passion of The Playmaker

The PLAYMAKER changes the game. They shift the odds. When they walk in the room – the room changes! They get more done with fewer resources. They develop & attract talent. They’re able, and expected, to carry the massive weight of the big tasks. When facing adversity PLAYMAKERS get bigger, stronger & better. They are the ultimate competitive advantage.

David’s power-packed keynote will help you:

  • Discover the World Class mindset and strategies that you must have to win at the highest levels
  • Embrace the high speed change & challenging times as a launch to future success
  • Unleash the Passion in your Playmakers to maximize all of their talents
  • Empower peak performance & continuous improvement to elicit change & reinvent the way the game’s played in your business

11:45AM-12:30PM Talk

Jason Steele

Choosing the Right Business Credit Card


Looking for a business credit card? This session will teach you about the kinds of small business credit cards available, and help you decide which one is right for you. We'll look at cards that offer travel rewards, cash back rewards and other benefits.

  • What kind of credit cards are offered to small business owners.
  • How to maximize the travel or cash back rewards rewards you can earn.
  • How to apply and be approved for small business credit cards.

11:45AM-12:30PM Talk

Aisha Parson

Are You Ready for 8(a) Certification?


An overview of the 8(a) Certification Process to include the following:

  • Overview of the 8(a) program
  • What are some of the requirements?
  • How can you prepare to qualify

12:30-1:15PM Talk

Ty Crandall

How to Build Business Credit for Your EIN without a Personal Guarantee or Credit Check


Step-by-step process to build business credit. Benefits of business credit, how to setup Fundability, how to get starter vendors, how to get retail and fleet credit, how to get bank credit and auto financing all with no PG or credit check.

1:15-2:00PM Networking

Founders Networking Mixer

Mix and mingle with other founders, connect with messaging, and explore the virtual expo.

2:00-3:30PM Workshop

Desmond Acha

Winning Government Contracts For Your Business


During our session, we will cover what Government contracting is and how you can leverage it to grow your business. The US Government is the largest and wealthiest buyer in the world and they buy everything from business owners like yourself. We’ll walk through how to find, respond and win Government contracts for your business. The Government prints the money, I’ll show you how win contracts and collect your share. Your one contract away and I can’t wait to show you how to win lucrative contracts for your business.

3:30-4:15PM Talk

Trelles Delandro-Williams

Let's Talk Business & Finance 101

Welcome to Business & Finance 101 with Lady Finance!! Congratulations and give yourself a hand clap for taking the time to learn the steps of building a successful business.
It’s time to take your business to the next level. In this talk, I'll share:

  • How to Build Business Credibility
  • Business Must Haves
  • Creating a Solid Business Plan
  • Get to the Money

3:30PM-4:15PM Talk

Laine Bradley

How to Win 5 & 6-Figure Grants


As a small business owner, running out of money in your company is your biggest risk. As an organization founder, not having more than one stream of funding is another big risk. Since 2020, over $200 billion dollars in grant funding has been given to businesses & organizations.

You’ll walk away knowing:

  • How to get grant ready with a solid foundation
  • My proven strategy behind securing grant funding
  • The biggest mistakes people make when completing grant applications and proposals

4:15-5:00PM Talk

Gerri Detweiler

Creative Financing For Your Small Business


Can't get a small business loan from a bank? You're not alone. Fortunately there are more options than ever before for small business financing. In this session you'll learn about creative ways to fund your small business for growth and opportunities.

  • Learn about where to get funding for startups.
  • Find out what types of financing don't require good credit.
  • Position your business for more financing in the future.

5:00-6:00PM Fireside Chat

Vennard Wright


Chris Hurn

Fireside Chat: From Zero to Hero


In this intimate fireside chat, here the personal stories of successful entrepreneurs who overcame major obstacles to achieve their dreams. Discover actionable advice and strategies that may assist you in your own entrepreneurial journey. Get inspired, challenge your own approach, ask burning questions!

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