BizCreditCON Featured Industry Tracks: Funding & Finance

Although there are many options to acquire funding for your small business, all of them may not be the best financial decision, and on average, your own funds remain the most commonly used funding source. reports that less than 50% of businesses are meeting their financing goals, and over 65% of companies in the US have outstanding debt. In addition, according to the Small Business Association, the business failure rate is over 40% after five years. After ten years, over 60%, and the #1 reason businesses fail is lack of financing and funding; you can see that if you want a successful business, it is essential to become knowledgeable on all things finance and understand the best ways to get funding.
With so much misinformation, making a financial decision that will land you on the profitable side of being a successful entrepreneur can be difficult. BizCreditCON put together a list of speakers to help you grow your business and profit from it in 2022 and beyond. This event covers you, from where to get money for startups and how to build business credibility to SBA loan options.

Let’s take a look at this hefty lineup of speakers:

  • Trelles Delandro-Williams, also known as Lady Finance, is the CEO of Financial Experts of America, a very successful Tax & Financial firm.
  • Laine Bradley: Grant expert and federal proposal writer. Since 2019, Laine has helped over 100 businesses and organizations secure over 13 million dollars.
  • Gerri Detweiler: Credit & Financing Expert. Gerri is the author or coauthor of five books, including Finance Your Own Business.
  • Chris Hurn: CEO of Fountainhead. Chris has over 23 years of valuable commercial and SBA lending experience.
  • Ariel Harmon is a loan consultant & creator and Administrator of the largest Real Estate Network on social media — The First Time Homebuyers Club group on Facebook.
  • Garrett Sutton: Best-selling Author, Attorney & Rich Dad Advisor. For over 35 years, Garrett has assisted entrepreneurs and real estate investors worldwide in protecting their assets and maximizing financial goals through his companies, Corporate Direct, and Sutton Law Center.

With all this information, there is no way you can lose! Don’t miss out on these speakers on July 26 & 27, 2022!