BizCreditCON Featured Industry Tracks: Business Credit

Although many prefer it, running a small business is still difficult and according to, about half of small businesses survive for 5 years, and year over year, the survival rates continue to decline. One of the number one reasons for this steep decline is a lack of capital and/or funding. Here is where building business credit becomes important. Building business credit will allow you to have the capital you need to grow your business. You can cover daily expenses, hire a team, reserve your own cash, and buy needed merchandise. Every day, more and more business owners are realizing the importance of building business credit and trying to discover ways to leverage it.

The founder of BizCreditCON understands all too well how vital having the correct knowledge on all things business credit can be and wants to make sure that the attendees of this event no longer have to search everywhere for accurate information on this topic. BizCreditCON will feature 5 incredible speakers well versed in all things business credit-related. Each speaker will cover a different facet of the credit world.

Check out this lineup of speakers.

  1. Day 1 @ 11:45-12:30 pm: Jason Steele (credit card and travel rewards expert) – Choosing the Right Business Credit Card
  2. Day 1 @ 12:30-1:15 pm: Ty Crandall (CEO of Credit Suite) – How to Build Business Credit for Your EIN without a Personal Guarantee or Credit Check
  3. Day 2 @ 12:30-1:15 pm: Renee Stewart (New Corporate Express founder) & Irwin Daniels (serial entrepreneur) – The Five Best Ways to Use Business Credit for Growth
  4. Day 2 @ 4:15-5:00 pm: Sharita Humphrey (finance expert & money mentor) – Understanding Business Credit Reports

These experts know you have questions, and they are here to answer them. How to keep cash flow high during tough economic times, how to get bank credit and auto financing all with no PG or credit check, how to apply and be approved for small business credit cards, the differences between personal and business credit reports, and much more. These speakers are giving their time and knowledge to you so you can grow your business in 2022 and beyond.